i am a CIA dropout – from the culinary institute of america that is.

after graduating from college with no firm plans, i decided that culinary school would be the place to pursue my passion for cooking and eating.  all my life i have loved to do both, influenced by my adventurous family, my love of travel, and my quest to lead a healthy yet occasionally indulgent life.  so i enrolled at the culinary institute of america.  my experience there did help me choose my career – but only through the process of elimination.  i lasted four months before deciding that i did not want to work on my feet for hours, freeze in meat fridges, and smell like fish all the time.  now, years into a great career that has nothing to do with food, i still love to cook, eat, and share my culinary insights and adventures with everyone i know.


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  1. I’ve been here at the CIA just about 4 months now, and I’m considering dropping out to pursue some other career path. Not sure what yet. Was it a hard process to drop out? Could you go back and finish up your degree if you wanted to or is there a time limit to that?

    • The process of dropping out was fairly simple. And I do think there was some amount of time in which I could have gone back to finish the degree. Sometimes I wish I had stayed through just to learn everything I could have. But ultimately I knew I didn’t want a career in food services, so it wasn’t worth my time and money to stay there. But in terms of learning how to be a chef, I do think it is an excellent place!

  2. When you went Allan and I worried because we tried to help my bro and sister in lawbw their resturant and the kitchen was an awful place to be. But any training applies for you in some way.

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