harry potter and the magic bars

the long-awaited day has arrived! part 2 of harry potter and the deathly hallows will be released at midnight tonight! and in addition to needing something to do in the hours leading up to the release, my sisters and i decided we could also use something to make sure we had enough energy to keep us going until the late-night showing. clearly, staying awake once the movie starts is not going to be a problem.

but what was appropriate for such a momentous occasion? butterbeer could be messy while trying to sneak it into the theater, and chocolate frogs are hard to catch… therefore, my thoughts turned to cookies. i still wanted something unusual, though, so i settled on bar cookies, which i’ve never baked but always wanted to try. it was clearly meant to be because the first recipe i turned to in one of my favorite resources, baking illustrated, was called magic bars! perfect!

my potion ingredients.

the recipe is a gooey concoction of graham crackers, walnuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips (though i used peanut butter ones), toasted coconut flakes (i prefer unsweetened), and sweetened condensed milk. they come together in a simple but decadent dessert that will please every muggle’s palate.

my sisters and i just finished whipping up the bars, letting them cool, and packaging them for transport. of course we snuck a few bites in the process. i can already attest that these magic bars are delicious — exactly what everyone needs to stand on the long queues that will be forming in theaters all weekend!

i’m not posting the recipe here, but you can find it — and many other treats — in baking illustrated. Now, off to the show!

mischief managed!


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