about a month ago, a good friend of mine spent a weekend with me at my family’s house in vermont. she was impressed with the passion with which we approach food – from our early morning excursions to the local farmer’s market, to the days spent digging around in our small vegetable garden, caring for our recently planted apple and peach trees, hiking and mushroom foraging, to our dinners spent with friends and family enjoying the results of the day’s work and a few hours in the kitchen. and, since i love gardening, buying, eating, cooking, and talking about food so much, she suggested i start a blog.

so, here i am, ready to start blogging. in addition to writing about food i love and recipes i’m cooking, i will include definitions for technical cooking terms (in bold) that pop up from time to time in recipes, and which my short time at the Culinary Institute of America (see About) has given me an affinity for. one of the things i love about the art of cooking is that it can be delicious when you throw a bunch of rough chopped veggies into a simmering soup, as well as when you spend an hour carefully preparing your mise en place.

i hope you enjoy hearing about and trying out for yourself the food that i love to cook!

mise en place: selection of prepared (washed, chopped, peeled, etc.) ingredients laid out in advance to facilitate cooking your dish. this ensures you have all the necessary ingredients before you begin!


One response to “welcome!

  1. NYC’s culinary universe really wasn’t complete… until Ruby Landow started this blog site. As a welll-fed resident of Midtown with a sweet tooth for all things, well, yummy and seasonal, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    CIA Dropout – I salute you!!!

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